Wearable Puppet

Containing all its worldly possessions upon its back, the Nomad scurries around the world collecting objects.

Materials: sheet foam, foam tubing, cardboard, latex acrylic paint, cloth, found objects

                                                             Green screen video test for choreography

                                                             Green screen video test for choreography

                                                   Stills from character short film (in collaboration with the RISD Film Explorations course 2017)



                                                                                   Sample environments (collage made in Photoshop)

                                                                                        Materials: colored pencils, markers

Development Sketches for Movement 


Starting with the cardboard panels, the character and I share the same backpack to distribute the costume's weight. The backpack straps and the head piece are later velcro-ed in for an easier dressing.

Pictured is the costume prior to base coast painting.